LAG Colinele Tigheciului

LAG Colinele Tigheciului

(Capaclia, Chioselia, Cirpesti, Cisla, Cociulia, Costangalia, Larguta, Lingura, Porumbesti, Sadac, Tartaul, Visniovca – approx. 24 000 inhabitants)

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This particular territory is characterized by the natural heritage, rich in aquatic basins, natural gas resources, medicinal plants. Its most unique element is the «Codrii Tigheciului» natural preserve, where the highest point in the southern part of Moldova is located at 301 m above sea level. Animal husbandry and agriculture are the basic occupations of the inhabitants. The pride of the localities is the «Imperial Vin» wine factory known nationally and internationally, the old churches with a history of more than 100 years from several localities, and of course, the «Nicolae Sulac» house-museum.

Contact details

Bîzu Ion: +373 782 95 704 Coordinator
Ojog Alina: +373 682 70 833 Coordinator