The main goal of the EU-Moldova LEADER Conference is to share the Moldovan LEADER experience, to present and promote implementation of the EU rural development approach – LEADER/CLLD in Moldova and to create a platform for cooperation between LAGs from Moldova and EU countries.
The Conference will assemble approx. 25-30 Moldovan LAGs and will provide networking opportunities, both at national and EU level and an open-air fair for the sale of the local products of the LAG members, as well as field visits to the selected LAGs.
This multi-cultural event gathering people from different rural regions of Moldova will be organized in the very centre of Chisinau, at the Palace of the Republic. The open-air-fair demonstrating the distinctive characteristics of almost all Moldovan LAGs and the field-visits will help reduce urban, rural, ethnic and political barriers and show how rural Moldova can be revitalised and how it can become a source of inspiration for other EU partners.
Within the framework of the Conference, the following side-events are planned:

  • Signing of the formal LAG Partnership Agreements by the members of 8 new Moldovan Local Action Groups created within USAID supported “LEADER Activity” project;
  • Signing of the financial agreements between 15 Moldovan LAGs and Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova for the implementation of pilot LEADER projects in 2019;
  • Signing of the official declaration by the Moldovan National LEADER Network to join the European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD);
  • Signing of the partnership agreement between 12 EU LAGs and 3 Moldovan LAGs (LAG Serpentina Nistrului, LAG Movila Magurii and LAG Bugeac Kilim) for the implementation of a trans-national cooperation project under LEADER 2014-2020 with the title Say cheese! Balkan Cheese” project;
  • Signing of cooperation agreement between National LEADER Network of Romania and the National LEADER Network of Moldova;
  • Signing the financial agreements between Moldovan LAGs and the Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova for financing LEADER activities in 2019;
  • Presentation of the evaluation study about LEADER in Moldova;

On the last day of the event three (3) optional field visits to selected Moldovan LAGs will be organised for the participants to discover the beauty of Moldovan rural zones as well as to present the results of the LEADER activities in Moldova in 2018 (success story pilot LEADER projects).