Vestibule of Danube Delta (Lunca Prutului de Jos)

Field visit 2: The Danube Delta Magic Meadow

(LAG Lunca Prutului de Jos)

The “The Danube Delta Magic Meadow” is a very charming touristic route, where its 9 communes will captivate you with their beauty. You’re going to step on a journey full of magic and interesting facts. This particular area, the Lower Prut, is included in UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves.

You will also find yourself at a cross-cultural place, where the Moldovan border meets the Ukrainian one. And, oh, the cultural program will be full of wonders – it will taste delightfully thanks to the local pastries. You will also enjoy the local eco-cheese products and visit an enticing furs exhibition.

All in all, you will be a part of this important process of preserving traditions and developing the local community through the LAG projects we support!


  • Don’t forget your camera! Gather your memories not only in your mind, but in your albums as well. 
  • Be patient! The trips might seem long, but we promise you, the time will fly very fast! 
  • Be friendly! This journey is a one-of-a-kind experience. Make new friends and have together a wonderful trip! 
  • Sharing is caring! Let’s share smiles, pictures, foods and memories together! 
  • Take care of Nature! Leave the spaces you visited sparkling clean. 
  • Have fun! It’s mandatory to enjoy all of these processes. Of course, you will see how our projects work, but the kind hearts of our people will make you feel like you’re on a small vacation, that you’ll wish to last longer.