Valea Cuboltei

Valea Cuboltei

Petreni, Cubolta, Hasnasenii Noi, Moara de Piatra, Hasnasenii Mari, Dominteni, Sofia – approx. 12 000 inhabitants

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

All localities are located near Balti, which means easier access to jobs and to the market for selling agricultural products, such as dairy products,
cereals, beef/pork/poultry etc. In the territory of the micro-region, the cultivation of wheat, oats, maize, sunflower is popular. In the territory of the micro-region is cultivated wheat, oats, maize, sunflower. There are many small ponds that are used to irrigate the fields. In the village of Cubolta, there is the manor of the Leonardi boyars dynasty from the 19th century, which belongs to the city hall and can become a tourist attraction in the future.

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