The National LEADER Network of the Republic of Moldova is transforming

The National LEADER Network of the Republic of Moldova is transforming

We are recognized as the National LEADER Network of the Republic of Moldova, an organization dedicated to promoting and implementing the LEADER approach and representing the interests of Local Action Groups since 2019. Today, the LEADER approach covers over 50% of the rural territory of the Republic of Moldova and is one of the most successful rural development tools due to its extensive positive impact. Throughout our journey towards fulfilling our mission and achieving our established goals, we have found that our areas of activity have expanded beyond the sphere of LEADER. Now, after a period of reflection and careful planning, we are excited to present our new name and strategic orientation, “The National Rural Development and LEADER Network” (NRDLN). 

This change is not just about a simple rebranding, but represents a reaffirmation of our commitment to sustainable rural development and increasing the potential of communities across the country. In this article, and in the following ones, we will explore the reasons and implications of this transformation, as well as how this new beginning will influence the rural landscape of the Republic of Moldova in the coming months and years. 
The decision to rename the organization to the National Rural Development and LEADER Network was made by the General Assembly, which includes representatives of 51 Local Action Groups and other members. It was motivated by the fact that the new name: 

  • represents the organization’s activities more comprehensively, even though it primarily focuses on strengthening the LEADER approach in Moldova and promoting the interests of LAGs, it also involves and contributes to other areas of rural development in the country.
  • reflects the ambition of LAGs and other members of the organization, as well as the NRDLN executive team, to establish a network for exchanging information and cooperating among organizations and institutions working to improve the quality of life for residents of rural areas and small towns.
  • better reflects the objectives of the organization as stipulated in its statute.

Thus, the National Network for Rural Development LEADER is open to partners and various entities involved in developing rural areas and small towns: universities and research institutes, businesses, units of local public administration, foundations, and associations, including business associations and local civil society organizations. 

NRDLN has made and continues to make essential contributions to rural and local development and the promotion of the interests of local communities through the implementation of projects and development actions and the strengthening of dialogue with public institutions, especially with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry – the main partner of NRDLN, as well as with other partners regarding rural, local, and regional development policies. 

Internationally, NRDLN will continue to be an active member of networks and international organizations in rural development, such as ELARD (The European LEADER Association for Rural Development), and aims to become a member of other organizations and platforms relevant to our strategic orientation. 

This change reflects NRDLN ‘s strong commitment to evolve and respond to the continuously changing needs of rural communities. 

We thank our partners, especially representatives of Local Action Groups, public institutions, development partners, and organizations in the field of local rural development, for all these years of collaboration. Together with you, we aim to identify new opportunities to generate a significant positive impact for our villages.