Lunca Ciuhurului

GAL Lunca Ciuhurului

Chetrosica Noua, Parcova, Fintina Alba, Gaspar, Bratusenii Vechi, Bratusenii Noi, Sofrincani, Stolniceni, Chiurt, Ruseni, Slobodca, Goleni, Paladia, Birladeni, Rujnita, Hlinoaia, Rotunda, Hlinoaia Mica,Hincauti, Poiana, Cliscauti, Cepeleuti, Ringaci, Vancicauti – approx. 26 000 inhabitants)

Supported by Asociatia Obsteasca Pro Cooperare Regionala

The “Lunca Ciuhurului” LAG owns modern households, fragrant orchards, refreshing water basins, modern farms etc. The vast majority of the LAG’s communes is crossed by the Ciuhur River – a historical value for the micro-region. It has many touristic attractions, such as the Cantacuzino Manor with its 26 ha park that contains around 36 rare tree species, the Strincovschi Manor, a historical church or the Stroescu’s dinasty park, which is of national importance. Many cultural events are organized in the region with the aim to promote the local values – the painters’ creations camp and the free Dacians-Razesii Festival are among them.