Lunca Bîcului

Lunca Bîcului

Panasesti, Tataresti, Galesti, Capriana, Bucovat, Zubresti, Recea, Ghelauza, Negresti – approx. 18 000 inhabitants

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

The high quality of the soil allowed some economic agents to experiment with certain crops, such as sweet corn, European grape varieties, experimental orchards etc., that are less popular in the country. Thus, this will serve as a basis for innovation for local agriculture. The favorable environmental conditions led to one of the highest quality of local wines in the country. Agricultural production is encouraged by the presence of two large markets: Chisinau and Straseni cities. The Chisinau-Ungheni highroad, the railway and the Chisinau-Leuseni highway offer additional development possibilities for the micro-region. Youth is partly involved in community activities. There is also a youth center, as well as several local youth councils.

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