LAG Vasile Stroiescu

LAG Vasile Stroiescu

(Lopatnic, Viisoara, Badragii Noi, Badragii Vechi, Corpaci, Cuconestii Noi, Terebna, Zabriceni, Blesteni, Gordinestii Vechi, Tirnova, Trinca, Burlanesti, Brinzeni, Hancauti – approx. 25 000 inhabitants)

The LAG is comprised of 19 rural settlements of the Edinet district and are a part of 15 ATUs. 6 of them are located at the border between Republic of

Moldova and Romania. The highlight of the micro-region is the “Nasterea Domnului” Monastery from the Zabriceni village. The other settlements are

located in picturesque places with cliffs, caves, water basin and forests. The main activity of the locals is agriculture – vegetable and fruit farming, cereal

production. Livestock agriculture is also very popular. The locals are known for their cultural activities, as they practice the customs honored in the area

and learn to cook in the style of their rich traditional cuisine.

Uja Veaceslav: +373 691 39 537 President

Ciubotaru Ina: +373 674 50 734 Manager