LAG Valea Halmagei

LAG Valea Halmagei

(Rosu, Andrusul de Jos, Andrusul de Sus, Zarnesti, Cucoara, Baurci Moldoveni,
Larga Noua, Badicul Moldovenesc – approx. 16 000 inhabitants)

Supported by CRAION CONTACT-Cahul

This territory is characterized by the rich heritage, constituted of oak, pine and acacia forests, a “hall” formed by the small rivers Larga and Valea Halmagei, which fall into the Prut river. The economic potentialis mainly focused on the cultivation of the extended areas of grape-vines, apple, peach and plum orchards, vegetable and cereal farming. Apiculture, sheep and cattle farming and dairy business iswell-developed in the area. The cultural heritage is represented by the increased number of local craftsmen, artistic groups, notorious fiddler dynasties, such as the ones where Nicolae Botgros or Adam Stanga came from.

Contact details

Enachi Elena: +373 784 81 787 Coordinator
Pralea Gheorghe: +373 695 61 067 Coordinator