LAG Urmasii lui Leonardo

LAG Urmasii lui Leonardo

(Limbenii Noi, Limbenii Vechi, Cuhnesti, Serghieni, Dusmani, Fundurii Noi,
Fundurii Vechi, Ustia, Ciuciulea, Viisoara, Obreja Veche – approx. 22 000 inhabitants)

Supported by Asociatia Obsteasca Pro Cooperare Regionala

The LAG’s agriculture is the main focus of the locals and takes a total of 77% from all the activities. Animal farming and apiculture are very developed. The local economic activities expanded along the local potential and resources – plant cultures, animal farming an vegetable cultivation. The attraction points are in the Padure Domneasca, Leonardi-Buznea manor, monasteries, hermitages etc.

Contact details

Ganea Ghenadie: +373 671 65 799 President
Buzut Anatolie: +373 692 26 426 Manager