LAG Steaua Bugeac

LAG Steaua Bugeac

(Bascalia, Bugeac, Borogani, Cioc-Maidan, Congazcicul de Sus, Dezghingea – approx. 21 000 inhabitants)

Supported by the Programme “Support for Agriculture and Rural Development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia” (SARD), funded by the European Union, implemented by the UNDP.

Public institutions are active in generating projects for improving the public utilities and social infrastructure. Local business representatives practice various activities: grape, fruit & vegetable farming, pisciculture, apiculture, etc. The bigger business sector is limited to a few farmers, mostly grain producers, who are open to cooperation. There is a plan to develop the local apiculture association. All villages are located in the Comrat area, which
offers various economic and social advantages and opportunities, such as educational and health services

Contact details

Uzun Tamara: +373 687 14 868 Manager
Caraman Larisa: +373 608 56 130 Manager