LAG Stancile Prutului

LAG Stancile Prutului

(Cajba, Balatina, Cobani, Camenca, Hijdieni, Danu, Iabloana, Sturzovca, Braniste – approx. 24 000 inhabitants)

Supported by Asociatia Obsteasca Pro Cooperare Regionala

The natural heritage of the territory is represented by nature reserves of Padurea Domneasca, Prut’s hills and Suta de Movile. The cultural heritage, meaning folklore, crafts and traditional cuisine, is very valuable and offers great opportunities in developing the rural tourism. The basis of the micro-region’s economy is agriculture, while beef and sheep farming and dairy business are the traditional occupations of the local people. A technical-material infrastructure, meaning a telecommunication and communication system andhighways, exists in the area, but it needs investments for its rehabilitation.

Contact details

Garla Valeriu: +373 689 05 557 President
Buclis Ghenadie: +373 690 03 639 Manager