LAG Serpentina Nistrului

LAG Serpentina Nistrului

(Varnita, Speia, Telita, Gura Bacului, Calfa – approx. 14 000 inhabitants)

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova and People in Need Moldova

One of the common traits of the settlements from the “Serpentina Nistrului” LAG is the Dniestr river, which traverses the whole territory. The micro-region has a multitude of historical places, such as the Dragalina manor, the boyar Leonard’s monument, “the camp of the Swedish King Carol the XIIth”, the old churches with curious backstories. This explains why one of the major directions of the LAG’s development is the promotion of the cultural tourism. The diversity of the LAG is influenced by the presence of many ethnic groups – Moldovans, Ukrainians, Russians. The vegetable cultivation, animal farming and pomiculture are the main economic activities.

Contact details

Russu Rodica: +373 691 42 091 President
Budistean Svetlana: +373 699 58 428 Manager