LAG Rautul de Sus

LAG Rautul de Sus

(Ochiul Alb, Mihăileni, Baraboi, Fîntîniţa, Tîrnova, Scăieni, Frasin, Ţaul, Cotova – aprox. 30 000 locuitori)

Supported by Asociatia Obsteasca Pro Cooperare Regionala

The Taul park is placed on a 46 ha surface from this LAG territory. The park is a monument of landscape architecture, and on its territory, the Andrei Pommer’s manor can be found. Cotova village has its symbols – The Farmer’s Museum, which is placed under the clear sky and a complex network of subterranean water sources. Macareuca settlement has an old wooden church, while on Briceva’s territory one can find 6 funeral mounds of nomad people. There’s also the Manolache Negruzzi manor. The locals are practicing agriculture, mainly animal an plant farming. This LAG’s population are tradition bearers and keepers – the craft of the national carpet is accurately preserved.

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