LAG Movila Magura

LAG Movila Magura

(Dolna, Lozova, Micleuseni, Vorniceni – approx. 15 000 inhabitants)

Supported by People in Need Moldova and Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

The LAG is known for its Codrii nature reserve and the landscape reservation from the Dolna village. Its cultural heritage can be seen through various elements – The Pushkin Museum, the Zamfirache Ralli manor from Dolna, the XVIIIth century wooden church and Rotunda, Lozioara and Stramosii ensembles. The economic sector is characterized by such activities, as the cultivation of fruits and berries, the promotion of the local craftsand traditional costume manufacturing. These activities have a great impact on the proper functioning of the public institutions

Contact details

Botnaru Lilian: +373 69 840 008 President
Mamaliga Viorica: +373 69 466 418 Manager