LAG Lunca Rautului

LAG Lunca Rautului

(Alexeevca, Bahrinesti, Frumusica, Gura Cainarului, Iliciovca, Izvoare, Lunga, or. Marculesti, s. Marculesti, Nicolaevca, Prajila, Putinesti, Sevirova, Trifanesti – approx. 22 000 inhabitants)

Supported by Asociatia Obsteasca Pro Cooperare Regionala

The Free Economic Zone and the International Marculesti Airport offer a strategic potential in developing this LAG’s territory. Many modern agricultural households, as well as a mixed forage factory with specialmeadows destined for animals, are active in the area. The apiculture is a constantly evolving activity. The tourist attractions are the water sources from de Izvoare village, Mother’s Museum from Gura Cainaruluisettlement, the common stove with 12 pots, “Busuioc” Festival, Honey Festival, “Duminica Cireselor” Festival, handicraft workshop etc.

Contact details

Bunescu Feodosia: +373 693 76 144 President
Cobilas Ludmila: +373 600 64 821; +373 250 41 305 Managere