LAG ECO Bugeac

LAG ECO Bugeac

(Avdarma, Chiriet-Lunga, Joltai, Besghioz, Tvardita, Valea Perjei – approx. 20 000 inhabitants)

Supported by the Programme “Support for Agriculture and Rural Development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia” (SARD), funded by the European Union, implemented by the UNDP.

Each settlement in this LAG has a museum and craftsmen representing Bulgarian, Moldovan and Gagauzian cultures. For e.g., Avdarma is famous for its old steppe water sources, as well as through various activities and initiatives, such as a parachuting cup, a school robotics club and a local Media Centre. Tvarditsa is a small town with a high economic potential – it can be used for the local development, including a free economy zone. The
common vision of these settlements is to develop a touristic center for the South of Moldova in order to promote both sports and rural tourism, as well as to focus onto the eco development in small farms.

Contact details

Valentina Barabaș: +373 69 738 353 Manager
Maria Seiz: +373 068 300 893  Manager