LAG Drumul Gospodarilor

LAG Drumul Gospodarilor

(Corlateni, Singureni, Grinauti, Recea, Sumna, Racaria, Nihoreni, Vasileuti, Borosenii Noi,
Balanul Nou, Ramazani, Pirjota, Malinovscoe – approx. 27 000 inhabitants)

Supported by Asociatia Obsteasca Pro Cooperare Regionala

The region has a great potential due to the routes Chisinau-Cernauti and Soroca’s borderpoint Costesti-Stanca. Sheep farming and dairy production have a great potential and are in constant growth. The locals are hard-working house-holders, their main activity being agriculture. The Racaria and Vasileuti settlements are specialized in beekeeping and in commercializing apiarian products. Gastronomic tourism is a priority in the development process of the LAG.

Contact details

Crigan Alexandru: +373 797 12 122 Manager