LAG Cula

LAG Cula

(Cornesti city, Cornesti village, Radenii Vechi, Bumbata,
Alexeevca,Tescureni, Magurele, Boghenii Noi, Sinesti, Hircesti, Curtoaia,
Condratesti, Napadeni, Cornova, Romanovca – approx. 23 000 locuitori)

Supported by IDIS „Viitorul”

The LAG Cula has a large territory in a scenic area, being crossed by important national and international roads. The LAG consists of 34 villages, organized in 13 townhouses. The settlements are scattered and have relatively low population, which raises the actual costs of building and maintaining the local road infrastructure and local social services.

Contact details

Balica Natalia: +373 785 24 761 President
Bodrug Sergiu: +373 794 39 145 Coordinator