LAG Cismeaua Sudului

LAG Cismeaua Sudului

(Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Cismichioi, Etulia – approx. 11 000 inhabitants)

Supported by the Programme “Support for Agriculture and Rural
Development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia” (SARD), funded by the European Union, implemented by the UNDP.

The territory is characterized by its natural heritage and a lovely local
cuisine. There is brilliant potential for wine cultivation. Cattle farming and
dairy production are increasing, but their potential, as well as the one of
the grape vine growth, needs to be explored even more. In The Alexandru
Ioan Cuza Village, the local craftsmen are involved in wool confections
workshops. The Cismichioi village has a Media Center and a large network of active youth. The local business sector has a bit of experience,
while the civil society is quite active.

Contact details

Ianul Dmitri: +373 691 58 252 Manager
Mocan Nadejda: +373 682 38 386 Manager