LAG Bugeac Kilim

LAG Bugeac Kilim

(Balabanu, Corten, Cazaclia, Cealic, Svetlii – approx. 14 000 inhabitants)

Supported by the Programme “Support for Agriculture and Rural Development in ATU Gagauzia and Taraclia” (SARD),funded by the European Union, implemented by the UNDP.

Three of the settlements, Balabanu, Corten and Cazaclia, are united by the local lake. The Svetlii Agri-Technical College is famous in the south of the country. Certain important archaeological research has been conducted in the area. The purpose of the LAG is to promote socially-oriented small businesses based on educational, scientific and entrepreneurial cooperation in order to motivate local citizens not to migrate, or encourage them to come back home. There are craftsmen in the territory, working with wood.

Contact details

Vasilioglo Elena: +373 692 28 258 Manager
Anghelceva Maria: +373 784 86 031 Manager