Hora Ciulucului

Hora Ciulucului

Chiscareni, Coscodeni, Iezarenii Vechi, Ciuciuieni, Taura Veche, Dumbravita – approx. 13 000 inhabitants

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

The landscape, the climate and the soil quality further the development of agriculture. Famous coves, the Ciuluc River, ponds and surrounding forests
impress with spectacular views. Multi-cultural festivals, organized annually, have a valuable potential for tourism development. The Craft Center is an attraction for tourists, which can be accommodated in the newly opened agripensions. Entrepreneurs, activating on the LAG territory, have ideas for business development and are involved in various projects: production, services, energy efficiency. Beekeepers are specific for all the LAG villages as, for e.g., the members of the Beekeepers Association of Chiscareni – they are active and engaged in local activities and various investment projects.

Contact details

Stefaniuc Veronica: +373 693 53 056

Facilitator email: veronicastefaniuc@gmail.com