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LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova

The implementation of the LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova has started in 2016. Various organizations, which work for local development, have been carrying out the facilitating process of the LAGs creation. The model of functioning LAGs in Moldova was developed within EU SARD Programme. Moldova currently has 32 LAG initiatives.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment has intention to implement the LEADER Programme, which will offer the possibility to finance LAGs from public sources. Thus, within the Ministry was established a Monitoring and Coordination Committee for the EU-LEADER Programme.

In April 2019, the National LEADER Network from the Republic of Moldova, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, National Rural Development Network of the Moldova, Solidarity Fund P in Moldova, supported by the European Union, organised the EU-Moldova LEADER Conference, within which members from 31 Local Action Groups from Moldova have participated and guests from more than 20 countries have been involved. There more almost 500 participants at the event. The main goal of the Conference was to promote the European Union’s approach in rural development between 2016 – 2019. More details on the event here –

From April 2019, the National LEADER Network from the Republic of Moldova became a member of the European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD).


LAG Vasile Stroiescu LAG Rautul de Sus LAG Colinele Nistrene LAG Drumul Gospodarilor LAG Stancile Prutului AL Urmasii lui Leonardo LAG Lunca Rautului LAG Movila Magura LAG Plaiul Codrilor LAG Serpentina Nistrului LAG Steaua Bugeac LAG Colinele Tigheciului LAG ECO Düz Yalpugel LAG Gagauz Koraflari LAG ECO Bugeac LAG Valea Halmagei LAG Perla Sudului (Jemciujina Yuga) LAG Bugeac Kilim LAG Dolina Rodnikov LAG Lunca Prutului de Jos LAG Cismeaua Sudului LAG Lunca Nistrului LAG Cula LAG Lunca Ciuhurului LAG Lunca Bîcului LAG Bazinul Lacului Ghidighici LAG Valea Cuboltei LAG Hora Ciulucului LAG Baștina Gospodarului LAG Calea Dropiei LAG 33 de Vaduri LAG Ecouri Nistrene

See more of those 32 LAGs within the implementation process of the LEADER approach in the Republic of Moldova:

LAG Vasile Stroescu; LAG Răutul de Sus; LAG Colinele Nistrene; LAG Drumul Gospodarilor; LAG Stîncile Prutului; LAG Urmaşii lui Leonardo; LAG Lunca Răutului; LAG Movila Măgura; LAG Plaiul Codrilor; LAG Serpentina Nistrului; LAG Steaua Bugeac; LAG Colinele Tigheciului; LAG ECO Duz Yalpugel; LAG Gagauz Koraflari; LAG ECO Bugeac; LAG Valea Halmagei; LAG Jemciujina Yuga; LAG Bugeac Kilim; LAG Dolina Rodnikov; LAG Lunca Prutului de Jos; LAG Cişmeaua Sudului; LAG Lunca Nistrului; LAG Cula; LAG Lunca Bâcului; LAG Bazinul Lacului Ghidighici; LAG Valea Cuboltei; LAG Hora Ciulucului; LAG Baştina Gospodarului; LAG Calea Dropiei; LAG 33 de Vaduri; LAG Ecouri Nistrene.