Ecouri Nistrene

Ecouri Nistrene

Climautii de Jos, Vadul Rascov, Salcia, Japca, Sanatauca, Napadova – approx. 8 000 inhabitants

Each settlement from the Territorial Partnership has a unique cultural, tourist, economic and historical potential, which could bring great benefits to the development of the micro-region. The geographic location of the villages is very advantageous, being the riparian villages of the old river Dniester, surrounded by a green hilly chain with an oxygen and ozone-rich air thanks to the nearby pine forests. The possibility of a partnership with neighboring villages on the left bank of the Dniester gives the future LAG uniqueness, promising opportunities and a chance for building confidence between the communities of the two banks of the river.

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Albu Marina: +373 602 33 312 Facilitator