Bazinul Lacului Ghidighici

Bazinul Lacului Ghidighici

Sireti, Cojusna, Ghidighici, Roscani, Scoreni, Micauti – approx. 25 000 inhabitants

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

The geographical location of the LAG is favorable, the settlements being located along a national highway and in immediate proximity to Chisinau. An important resource for the development of the region is the active youth, with a well-developed civic spirit. There are young entrepreneurs willing to develop small businesses: Ghidighici – a mini bakery, Roscani – a mini wine factory, Cojusna – metal processing, eco-beekeeping. Another resource is the Ghidighici storage lake, on the bank of which there are various guesthouses, resting places. The population has the opportunity to practice fishing, grow animals and organize recreational areas.

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