Alexandru Moldovan

Alexandru Moldovan

Alexandru Moldovan

LAG Cismeaua Sudului

“The rabbit lover ”

Another tourist attraction would be the household where they grow rabbits. For this reason, but also to support the small entrepreneur’s development, the Local Action Group decided to fund through SARD the “Iujnii crolic” farm [the Southern Rabbit Farm], which belongs to Alexandru Moldovan. He intended to make new cages for rabbits and to repair the old ones on the money got. The purchase of 15 female rabbits was his own contribution. Alexandru is 17 years old and he’s in his last high school year. He doesn’t like to speak about himself and said he didn’t consider that activity a business, but rather a hobby that can turn into a small business.

He bought the first two rabbits four years ago with money that he saved on Christmas and on his birthday. His mother – Natalia, told us that one day he came home from school with the strong idea that he wanted rabbits, because he was the only one among his classmates who didn’t have any. She smiled and remembered what she told him: “But other children don’t have sheep as we do, all we need now is rabbits…”. Alexandru didn’t give up easily and promised that he himself would take care of the rabbits. His parents agreed, convinced that that was just a caprice that their son will get over soon. Now, of all his classmates, Alexandru is the only one who still keeps on growing rabbits. He had two rabbits, but now, he has several dozens. Because he’s superstitious, he doesn’t count them, but he kept his promise and takes care of them by himself. He feeds them at 6 in the morning, then he goes to school. He keeps them vaccinated on time and makes sure that there’s enough food for the winter.

Additionally, he developed a network of buyers. ‘His excitement disappears when rabbits die, but he works up his courage when he has big orders. We encourage him to keep up his spirits, even if sometimes our family budget suffers. Sometimes, my husband tells me: “Do you even realise how much money the rabbits ate?” — But we don’t tell our son anything about it. Instead, he gives some pocket money to his younger brother who helps him’, Natalia admitted. ‘I plan to develop this project, but it depends on what I will decide to do after graduating high school’, Alexandru explained. He believes that whatever happens, his passion for rabbits won’t disappear.

Funded by the European Union, implemented within SARD Programme

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