33 de Vaduri

GAL 33 de Vaduri

Lipnic, Birnova, Girbova, Ocnita, Lencauti, Naslavcea, Frunza, Mereseuca – approx. 18 000 inhabitants

The initiative to create this LAG is a pilot project, because it includes, besides rural settlements, the city of Ocnita – the northernmost railway point in the Republic of Moldova. Common activities between these localities have been carried out very often during joint events organized in the town, but also in the village of Lipnic and Girbova. The common cultural traditions and historical monuments are focused on the history of these localities. The LAG has a strong agricultural potential, but another value of this micro-region is the protection and promotion of the local cultural and natural heritage, and at the same time, the desire for the local economy diversity and innovative business development.

Contact details

Cerneva Ana: +373 686 11 139

Facilitator email: ana.cerneva@centruinfo.org