Calea Dropiei

Calea Dropiei

Chetrosu, Suri, Gribova, Baroncea, Drochia (village), Mindic, Maramonovca – approx. 20 000 inhabitants

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

The landscape of the micro-region is an alternation of plains and hillsides. The fields are covered with such crops as wheat, oats, maize, sunflower, fruits (plums, apples). In all of the settlements, there are families selling dairy products, cereals and sunflower oil. Local entrepreneurs are people with different experiences and are quite active and interested in expanding their own businesses. In the Baroncea village live, predominantly, Ukrainians, that speak Surjic dialect of the Ukrainian language. About 180 Romani people, along Moldovans, live in a nearby settlement.

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