Baștina Gospodarului

Baștina Gospodarului

Braviceni, Malaiesti, Ciocilteni, Zorile, Cucuruzeni, Clisova, Crihana, Mitoc – approx. 13 000 inhabitants

Supported by Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

Orhei district is known for its beauty and nature diversity. The Raut river, the ponds and the forests, the guesthouses, the folk craftsmen, the annual
festivals – all this can serve as potential for tourism development. The LAG is already attractive through the existence of agripensions, the Rustic Art Center and the unique “Budulai Museum”. Due to the excellent soil quality, good climate and landscape, the agriculture is widely practiced. Products
delivered through the LAG’s dairy farming are known and are on demand in the country and abroad. The sports clubs of Braviceni, Cucuruzeni and
Malaiesti, that coach European level champions, can serve as an example for developing the sport in the region.

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